The Politics of Hate- Documentary Review

And for now, my review on a very crucial documentary, in my opinion…

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The Politics of Hate – A documentary review… 

First I must say, the only reason anyone could hate on this documentary is if they are against proven facts, love and compassion. The documentary is very needed all over the world, as we see, but especially in America, where much of their hatefilled lies are first created and then accepted by those afraid to ask questions as well as those who simply, and sadly, don’t care.

This documentary should have been advertised and promoted across the world and shown in a “prime time” manner although it still can be…

Schools need to show this to students; there is not a place in which the people who see it will come away worse off…except in places where the viewers don’t want to hear truth spoken. Those who are active with hate as well as those who support those who do wrong will definitely not like this documentary.

With the exposure of truth regarding hate groups from history up til the present, it is definitely a reality check and an answer to the question of what America is being turned back into. We must not repeat history and this serves as a wonderful but horrifying and tragic visual reminder for those who need it or for those who want to understand more of what is going on in the White House as well as on the streets. Highly recommended!

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