Introduction # 2 , Hmm…

the emerald tablets

I’m going to call this my second introduction post 🙂 When I first began this blog, I was going to post results I found as I studied the development of the fetus and infant brain in relationship to society and other… But since then, my book has expanded in so many ways, thus so has my research.

I plan on being a lot more active now that I have a place I can go and share my findings, ‘vent’ my thoughts and frustrations and maybe even get some feed back 🙂

Currently, I am working on a project that has proven so big I am going to have to break it down into chunks, otherwise I’ll be posting a true novel on here… Either that or I’ll be away researching so much I’ll be forgotten. So again:

Yes I am going to be writing about the same things before, and a lot more often. However, now I am expanding how different situations are impacting people, such as racism, mental health and so forth in adults, and what we can do for both children and adults alike.

I also will more likely than not be writing reviews here on books and documentaries from time to time, so be prepared for that 🙂

Thank you to all of you who have stayed with me; I am about to make this blog what I should have made it from the start!

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