Racism in Medicine- A Doctor & His Story

I have so much research to compress and present, and I will begin with Black children and mental health… I thought, however, it may be a good to repost this as I work on the upcoming new post, or video, or slide… I am not sure how to present all of this… But I am going to do it, so please stay tuned!

Research and Writings on a Growing Crisis

white people are hypocritesFirst, I need to apologize for my delay in posting. I am still conducting research and gather works for my larger release on the impact of modern day racism (and in history) and how it is impacting innocent Black children. I have decided, however, because this is a topic that is vital, a topic that rages onward sadly outside of childhood and is a huge health problem in the Black community for men and women of all ages.

Last year this tragic, silent killer was reported by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) showing the biggest increase for suicide risk is between the ages of 5 – 11 years of age in Black children… That takes my breath away. It also fuels me for my other posts that will soon come.

The CDC also released information late last year showing an increase in suicide among the above noted ages in…

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