Intervention is Key to Brain Development; So Why Are the Immensely Traumatized Not Receiving It?


While this may not be a large reason Black children are seen taking their lives at such a high rate, it is impacting their mental health and it is time someone says something.

As neurobiological research shows, children’s very brain development can be altered by violence. This is why intervention is so vital; but what happens when intervention isn’t received, be it due to lack of access or due to disbelief in mental health; or perhaps it is so on going it isn’t even an after thought?

Do not get me wrong, the shootings at columbine and other school shooting are sad. But what about the kids who live in fear, day by day, because of shootings? I have been angry that no light has been shed on these children for a long time, and as I do my research regarding why Black children are taking their lives so early, it enrages me even more.

While I do agree that more Black therapists and psychologists are needed -because these children face what no white or any other ‘color’ can comprehend on a personal level- someone needs to be doing something. It’s not fair these kids are being alienated and shoved aside while these predominately white schools are making headlines.

And receiving the help they need. No matter the color trauma impacts the brain and the brains development which impacts children unless intervention is created be it with therapy or some other form of counseling.

It also needs to be known that expressing your emotions is not weak, and that mental health is real. Another common factor vital to helping children, teens and adults heal is removal of the tragedy that traumatized the child. In communities faced with immense fear, who can’t even trust the police which so many white people take for granted and then have the nerve to say there is no white privilege; I think this short but factual post gives a little insight into what, I believe, was planned.

The government wants to keep the community in disarray and they are doing it with neglect and internal conflict. Something needs to be done, for suicide, homicide and for the unification of us all. They cannot be allowed to win- we MUST stop buying into their twisted game.

On that note, I will have a video and written post up sometime today or tomorrow as this all keeps taking turns in every direction given the immense problems faced due to denial, ignoring and degrading; all of which are wrong and damaging youth and children, the future, alike.

5 thoughts on “Intervention is Key to Brain Development; So Why Are the Immensely Traumatized Not Receiving It?”

  1. Thank you for inspiring further separation and racisim! We need more Black Therapists? These things are happening to poor white communities also, some 10 years ago the Principle of Mt. Holly Elementary in Clermont Co. Ohio drove down to the Ohio river and jumped off the bridge because of not getting the funds needed to have proper care for the children and parents of the community! And frankly me as I appear to be Midwestern causation would be a great therapist to black children as I would tell them that truth of their honorable and great history. As related to my true Cherokee ancestors. And the psychiatrist who brought my wife and I to not being suicidal after 50 years of living is Eastern Indian! It’s what’s in your heart , not your race. Hope you are blessed with true spirituality some day, it doesn’t include exclusion!


    1. You are clearly not very educated. Yes it happens to all; i am one of them. But me, and yourself as you must be white, do not suffer the extreme trauma of daily racism, the threat of police, the burden starting as a child. I am going to repost this though and I will make sure people understand the difference. Thank you for pointing out that some people are too slow and dumb to understand that only someone who endures the same life long social traumas, can help others with it. Sure, maybe not every one in the Black community feel the need for a therapist of the same social background. But the majority I know do. Does that make THEM racist? NO! You are very white and very fragile.


    2. PS: If you read, I say this regarding, once more, for social trauma due to racism. Not for traumas that everyone endures. Try education, try socializing with people other than your little pathetic group of misinformed and start helping out people who need it. SMH. While I am glad you wrote to remind me how slow your sort are, I also would love to SECLUDE you and your type from me and my type (i.e., the people who are INFORMED both intellectually and socially, by going or growing up in the Black community, by asking what is best for them on THIS in particular issue. You are so fragile it’s sick, go check out the book white fragility by


    3. OH! on more PS silly me i forgot. I’ll be featuring you 😀 on my racism website, so do come back and check if the links been posted. You have been a great reminder and inspiration.


    4. You need to get off your high horse and listen to what the Black community needs. This is promoting separation; but you are not a Black man I am guessing, how are you going to understand on a level to help? I work with at risk youth, I have brought in my friends to talk to those who are really struggling with race related issues, because it is best for the child.
      You are just like every other racist person – you are tired of hearing about it, so you want to claim it’s better than it is, and control what people say they need.
      Go f_ urself,


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