A Brief Apology Before Carrying Onwards

Before I begin with my next post, I feel I need to explain and apologize, for I have failed-if no one else- I have failed myself. I do fear I have also let down others as well due to my lack of consistent posts. I understand that I am nothing ‘special’ but nevertheless, I want to create a page of knowledge that is consistent and dependable. Therefore, from here on out I’ve decided to make this page a top priority in my life. The knowledge I want it continuously overflow with, the resources, the awareness…all of it matters. I truly, truly hope that the research I have already, and that to come, will help or inform even one soul; for that one soul may be the one in a position to use it…

I can only hope it will get into the hands of far more than one as we truly have a lot of unspoken traumas, injustices and more occurring far too often. I surely am not doing all that I desire, but I hope to at least offer some form of assistance to issues ignored tragically by mainstream society. With a little bit of luck and hard work, maybe somehow the knowledge shared may even help to raise further awareness; even, again, if it is only that one person.. (though I hope it will be more, of course πŸ™‚

With that said, previous projects are coming up and I want to organize this site; I am seriously considering also starting a podcast, for there is so much information that people need to know it is a bit much to cram into even the longest of reads.

So once again, for what it means to anyone who may be reading this… last month was very chaotic and harsh, but I’m back on solid ground now, which is going to see massive changes in positive, consistent ways.

I feel guilty for losing a month, or being a month behind; thus I felt this apology was due. The future I have decided will be held as a part of life I am going to dedicate myself to with all of my heart, and hope to reach others out there…

Thank you for reading; sorry, I’m sure this was the most boring post most of you have ever read lol. ❀ New changes on the way, as well as knowledge of all sorts… A change is starting, and it will be as such from now until…..until it is no longer needed πŸ™‚

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