I’m Back, Stronger Than Ever; The Short Answer

First, in order is an apology for my absence. I plan on making a formal apology with information on where I’ve been and why the past few years I’ve been so inconsistent with posting and videos. I truly believe the cause has begun to cease and I am growing again, gaining my strength back. But not everyone wants to hear about where I’ve been or my personal life, so, I post this as a quick thank you to those of you who have stayed with me, especially those of you who have sent love, support and have been so understanding.

The site will be changing in the days to come on this site so it will be a bit chaotic but once I get going I feel it will be the start to something, I hope, to be helpful to even one soul.

I have a lot of plans to come. More on that soon, for now, I will end this post here as I have another I would like to make 🙂

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