Active Site Again!- 1st Post; Black Physicians- Need For & Accomplishments

Black Mental Health Matters!

I know I have been away since I first began this site, but the research never stopped. I had a period of personal emergencies which resulted in a breakdown, more or less. I never stopped reading, taking notes, researching the topics that will soon fill this site. The first topic will be on children, as previously discussed. I apologize for my absence, I will talk about this more in a video later on for those interested. For now, I want to make a plea to you guys.

Before we begin with the research, I want to share that only 4% of physicians in America are Black, and this number is dropping. There is an excellent book I am just starting to read, even though I’ve had it since it came out. I had no idea it dealt with the issues I will be discussing on here. Everything happens for a…

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