An Angel Now, McKenzie Adams, Age 9, Suicide….

Oh poor, beautiful child, I didn’t do you justice….

I didn’t do her much justice at all… I fell horribly short; and I am so sorry…. I was so caught up in the pain, and in remembering where it was that the school did acknowledge seeing her family about the bullying.

That is gone now. But, I have some links for you guys…

And, I am hopeful to say that in 2020, her family has taken this to court against the school who ignored and denied afterwards the existence of racism. Link HERE

You can read about her here, and what I spoke of regarding the denial of bullying from the school, HERE.

And her family speaks a bit on here…the precious angel…here.

Black Children 5-12 and Suicide _Video 1

I wish that I was able to have done a better job. My emotions were so high and I do not feel I did justice to this cause I am so devoted to, to this problem I am urgently trying to make others aware of.

She is one of far too many young children taking their own lives in the black community.

I have also separated this little girls story into a separate video, which will be in a separate post for those interested in on the hearing her story again I did not do her justice but I will provide links and I hope it will aid what I failed in.