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An Angel Now, McKenzie Adams, Age 9, Suicide….

Oh poor, beautiful child, I didn’t do you justice….

I didn’t do her much justice at all… I fell horribly short; and I am so sorry…. I was so caught up in the pain, and in remembering where it was that the school did acknowledge seeing her family about the bullying.

That is gone now. But, I have some links for you guys…

And, I am hopeful to say that in 2020, her family has taken this to court against the school who ignored and denied afterwards the existence of racism. Link HERE

You can read about her here, and what I spoke of regarding the denial of bullying from the school, HERE.

And her family speaks a bit on here…the precious angel…here.

Black Children 5-12 and Suicide _Video 1

I wish that I was able to have done a better job. My emotions were so high and I do not feel I did justice to this cause I am so devoted to, to this problem I am urgently trying to make others aware of.

She is one of far too many young children taking their own lives in the black community.

I have also separated this little girls story into a separate video, which will be in a separate post for those interested in on the hearing her story again I did not do her justice but I will provide links and I hope it will aid what I failed in.

Active Site Again!- 1st Post; Black Physicians- Need For & Accomplishments

Black Mental Health Matters!

I know I have been away since I first began this site, but the research never stopped. I had a period of personal emergencies which resulted in a breakdown, more or less. I never stopped reading, taking notes, researching the topics that will soon fill this site. The first topic will be on children, as previously discussed. I apologize for my absence, I will talk about this more in a video later on for those interested. For now, I want to make a plea to you guys.

Before we begin with the research, I want to share that only 4% of physicians in America are Black, and this number is dropping. There is an excellent book I am just starting to read, even though I’ve had it since it came out. I had no idea it dealt with the issues I will be discussing on here. Everything happens for a…

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This week…. Short Update

I just want to give a quick update on what’s going on with this page, with my research and the start of many series I hope to share – and more.

This week I will be redoing this site as well as another for the research work based on Black Mental Health, in particular, at this time, children

between the ages of 4-12.

I am aiming to have this completed no later than Friday… The biggest change I am hoping to add is a calendar so people can see what topics will be coming up and also a place for anyone to send requests regarding topics, comments or questions or further information shared, etc…

I hope this goes well… I truly believe all of us with the ancestors blood, with a good soul, can come together and start a TRUE change….

Thank you guys for your patience!

ankh udja seneb ❤

GPD2021 Talk on Mental Health Stigma

Uncensored Truths & Facts

On this blog I will also be focusing on mental health in the Black community, and while this site is very new, I think this is something very important to put out there. I will let the below speak for itself 🙂

Posted on Twitter, along with this comment:

“I started struggling with depression at an early age but I didn’t know wat the problem was. People struggle with mental health and they don’t know wat they are struggling with. And they fear speaking out because of the stigma around it”


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I’m Back, Stronger Than Ever; The Short Answer

First, in order is an apology for my absence. I plan on making a formal apology with information on where I’ve been and why the past few years I’ve been so inconsistent with posting and videos. I truly believe the cause has begun to cease and I am growing again, gaining my strength back. But not everyone wants to hear about where I’ve been or my personal life, so, I post this as a quick thank you to those of you who have stayed with me, especially those of you who have sent love, support and have been so understanding.

The site will be changing in the days to come on this site so it will be a bit chaotic but once I get going I feel it will be the start to something, I hope, to be helpful to even one soul.

I have a lot of plans to come. More on that soon, for now, I will end this post here as I have another I would like to make 🙂

Racism is On-Going Trauma; Specialized Attention Should Be Formed- Please Watch

Black Mental Health Matters!

I am aware that there are plenty of people who think the signs and symptoms of depression, suicide, behavioral issues and so forth are the same for everyone. While in general of course that is true, there is a very obvious factor that must be considered and dealt with among those suffering from mental illness(es) in the Black community.

Simply living while Black creates stress, unwanted problems that people of other ‘color’ do not have to deal with. This crosses all age groups, so from the youngest to the oldest, racism does impact the signs and symptoms and thus the treatment as well for anyone seeking help.

Of course all of the signs and problems we see in white people who suffer also are applicable; but the problem is on top of all of those issues and stresses, signs and symptoms, sadly there are more problems in the Black community…

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Racism in Medicine- A Doctor & His Story

I have so much research to compress and present, and I will begin with Black children and mental health… I thought, however, it may be a good to repost this as I work on the upcoming new post, or video, or slide… I am not sure how to present all of this… But I am going to do it, so please stay tuned!

Research and Writings on a Growing Crisis

white people are hypocritesFirst, I need to apologize for my delay in posting. I am still conducting research and gather works for my larger release on the impact of modern day racism (and in history) and how it is impacting innocent Black children. I have decided, however, because this is a topic that is vital, a topic that rages onward sadly outside of childhood and is a huge health problem in the Black community for men and women of all ages.

Last year this tragic, silent killer was reported by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) showing the biggest increase for suicide risk is between the ages of 5 – 11 years of age in Black children… That takes my breath away. It also fuels me for my other posts that will soon come.

The CDC also released information late last year showing an increase in suicide among the above noted ages in…

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(update) My New #Video RE: Four Black Females Strip Searched At School…!

Shortly I shall be posting some of my research regarding what this kind of harassment, degradation and abuse does to these innocent and targeted youth. Please do stay tuned.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

As I said, until you show me how
white children, FEMALES, have
been abused and violated as Black
children, FEMALES in this situation,
in this way or any other way without any action or care, until you can show me an epidemic of white children being abused like this or any other way by the school system you have NO reason to even entertain the selfish thought that this is NOT because of the color of these females skin!

Yes, it is sick to say. Yes, it is sick to realize. BUT IT IS ALSO TRUE AND TRUTH NEEDS TO BE SPOKEN

And justice needs to start happening; which I know this video won’t create but it is a reality that needs to be remembered and maybe ONE DAY WE WILL GET THERE!

I have no words to say …for now… other than what I share below.


Please click…

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Video Update: Tony Soto; Black Man, Activist, Father & Victim of Racism in PA Legal System

Important information.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

If you are not aware of my trying to raise awareness about Tony Soto, a Black man -father, son, activist,…- you can catch up by clicking here for some of my former posts on his case.

I am happy to say Tony has been…set semi free from the illegitimate, wrongful capture of a then father to be (he was unable to witness the birth of his only son). As if that moment stolen were not painful enough, he lost his beautiful and loving mother to stage 4 cancer while wrongfully locked up, with no hearings, no trial dates, a bond of $900,000.00…

Why? What happened? Why does *he* matter so much?
And, what is his status now?

The video below explains…I know it’s a bit lengthy, but this is very important; it is a man who has fought for other people life I am trying to update everyone on… So…

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Excited to Report Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Commercial Drops During NFL Opener —

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

“The person said Nike will feature Kaepernick on several platforms, including billboards, television commercials and online ads. Nike also will create an apparel line for Kaepernick, including a signature shoe, and contribute to his Know Your Rights charity. The deal puts Kaepernick in the top bracket of NFL players with Nike.”

And let us not forget, Nike provides all NFL teams with both game day wear and other apparel, such as sideline wear. The partnership between the two was extended in March to run through 2028.

I think it’s both very depressing how heartless, selfish and mindless people are outraged at people who want to draw attention to an on going evil, especially to this degree. I would say it is almost funny but…it’s not funny at all, really. It’s tragic and the racism in this country that is tolerated -by the government alone- leads me to think about what…

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School Children & Innocence Stolen

Unequal policies such as these have led black girls to feel insecure and humiliated about their physical appearance, and subsequently can affect their ability to learn and feel comfortable in academic environments.” –Teen Vogue

As I spoke of in my first blog post I will be posting essays from a series of research I am collecting regarding numerous ways racism impacts Black children in America. The research came about because 1) I see how children are being treated and am appalled to say the least, 2) I see my family/friends and how their children are impacted, 3) I know this is not an isolated occurrence and yet still is being blatantly ignored. Clearly, the lack of attention concerning Black children and the aspect of racism in daily life being ignored is but one more huge red flag I refuse to ignore and do not understand how others can avoid and neglect. Another one is the removal of true history and any cultural acknowledgment but that is for another post.

Doesn’t how children are being wronged matter? Does the future, matter? No child deserves to have to worry about life and death issues, fear from places deemed safe by others or the perpetrators themselves. America is a place where “to serve and protect”,  is frequently selective in whom they are choosing to serve and protect. Even the simple phrase that would issue comfort in some, such as, “call the cops” or call 911″ is not something too many can say or hear and feel relief. When good people can’t say those phrases and know a good person will arrive to aid them in whatever their situation, that is absolutely not acceptable. Unacceptable as it may be, it is still reality for far too many Americans and sadly with just cause.

The police and racism serves as a huge source of my anger, so I apologize for that bit of random digression…I am sure it will happen more though… The point was how all of this impacts children…

When children are forced to deal with these issues at early ages, of course it has impact and ignoring the trauma it brings does no good to anyone or the situation. Especially when it is as severe, as continuous and unrelenting as racism. Too often have I heard my friends state a fear they have that never crosses my mind and I hate that; I do not want that ‘privilege;but to deny that it exists makes it worse. 

Of course what children see and hear effects how they develop; that is true with all forms of trauma upon children; racism being an issue that is, at the very least, ever-

end racism hate sent home due to hair style

imposing upon their lives and the lives of those they need and love.

Be it school related, via the media or government the racism in America has had and does have a massive and significant factor on influencing a kid and their sense of self, safety and so forth.

Below is an email I received this morning and feel it important to share. It is yet again a perfect tragedy to use as an example

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They Run on Lies, Stereotypes & Racism For No Truth Do They Speak

Worth more than a read… This is worth more than a repost… But I hope you will share, anyway. This is disgusting and the people need -if nothing more-to realize how psycho this is… Next post in series coming soon!

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

If anyone doubted racism in the system, this alone would awaken them; granted they wanted to be woke and were ready to face truth. There is no surprise these psycho’s would get this low; especially when their leader is a white extremist calling himself “president.”

Using the tactic of fear through religion, hate, ignorance as well as the legal lies the mainstream media makes available, they further isolate people when it is uniting that we should be doing. Of course they don’t want there to be peace; what do they have to profit from that?

Not to mention this “has been” a functioning operation and a reality in the not so distant past. To be more specific we know during the Cold War era the CIA controlled the media, forcing everything from false stories and reports be given to the American people all the way to subconscious ‘mind control’ via…

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