Why Is No One Speaking About Racism & Suicide?

” Scientific evidence is now overwhelming that the early years of life are foundational to health and wellbeing, as well as to social, educational and economic success, throughout life. “

This is going to be a series of posts as doing it all in one may be overwhelming… I have been studying neuroscience and the developmental stages of the brain for 10+ years. Currently I am working on a book regarding the development of the brain and the different stages under different circumstances… Racism is one of the worst and most obvious problems facing non-whites, and Black children are suffering for it more than anyone in the media or even activism speak about. Be it out of ignorance or lack of a soul, the problem remains. So I hope to shine a bit of light on it and maybe, hopefully, do some good…

I share this because the developmental stages are crucial,  and the fact very few people in general, let alone in public policy, ever stop and think about what racism is doing to Black children… The first topic I am working on is sadly morbid but also sadly highly ignored by most of America.

From having to worry for their own safety to that of their caregivers and loved ones, the constant stress  -among other things- obviously impacts mental health…but what exactly is it doing? And what can be done to stop it?

Besides having little ones in my life who are “Black”, I also have worked with numerous at risk children, most of whom were also Black. Recently, since some of the police killings have finally made the mainstream news, I was working with one 10 year old little boy whom, after Tamir Rice’s death, refused to leave his home for any reason. He was certain he would be next…

Ten years old and that is what he is thinking about.

I know the topic of mental health in general is a taboo topic… But it is just as real as any physical ailment -if not worse- and if we could manage to get over egos and look at these problems perhaps we wouldn’t have so many people self loathing and at the saddest extreme, dying.

black children racism

Strictly speaking from a mental health point of view, an alarming number of Black children between the ages of 5 to 12. *It is important to note here that while suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among all children between the ages of 10 and 44 it is not the time people are most at risk. According to research and statistics adults in the age group of 45-65+ have the highest numbers when it comes to suicide.

Among others, JAMA Pediatrics released a study further discussing the rise in suicide among Black children, in part stating:

“Suicide rates in the United States have traditionally been higher among white than black individuals across all age groups,” a study published this month in the journal JAMA Pediatrics states. However, “analyses revealed that the suicide rate among those younger than 13 years is approximately 2 times higher for black children compared with white children, a finding observed in boys and girls.”

So if people in general are more likely to kill themselves in later adulthood, what does this rise in children as young as 5 mean? Medical professionals have noted the obvious and that is, children this age killing themselves is absolutely disturbing and not the usual… Something is happening, and we must stop it…

The topics in upcoming posts range everywhere from Black children and their perception of self to police brutality and murder as well as television and the government. All of these issues, I believe, are huge contributors to what is a rising threat and concern to anyone who has a heart. Black children deal with on a daily basis with issues and problems that other kids do not have to. This can be factually proven and if requested, I will do so. But back on point:

That is called white privilege, and as disgusting as it is, it is sadly real. No matter what color or nationality you are, this should be a major topic and we should all be working to get rid of the sickening ‘privilege’ skin tone brings or does not bring.

I want to add that mental illness and suicide are not just high among children, but sadly adults as well. While this is a very depressing topic, it is crucial information on how this can be fought and defeated. The first step, is to admit that mental illness is real… Here is a link to the statistics I speak of... Then identify the causes… We need to make it not a shameful topic to talk about, and we need to then teach true history to promote the well deserved and due self love, self respect and pride that every one of these children should have…

My hope is some part of this will reach anyone and even if it helps one person I will consider myself blessed…

Stay tuned…

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